Sonam Kapoor ties the knot:

Well there’s wedding bells again, and this time its Sonam Kapoor. Bollywood has so many lovebirds, that the fans are honestly losing count. Sonam Kapoor, who started off with Sawaariya, and didn’t do pretty well, last came off with the role of Nirja Bhanot, and overdid herself. That was a movie that definitely got her a huge set of fans. And she’s tying the knot- with Anand Ahuja. Their wedding rumours have been rife since eternity, and we are glad that it is finally materializing. None of them have of course faced the media and let out the secret, but of course, we get the aroma of love, whenever its in the air. Let alone the wedding, Sonam hasn’t even let out their relationship details!

Keeping personal lives under wraps is always a good decision to make though. Nevertheless, there were rumours that the couple would do an exotic destination wedding for each other. But as per the latest details, they will be tying the knot in Mumbai itself, and the dates of course haven’t been confirmed, but sources say that May 6th or May 7th might be the dates fixed for the wedding and reception.

There’s also more, since the source confirms that there will be a big fat Indian wedding, and the families will be flying to Delhi for the reception party. Since Anand hails from Delhi, its compulsory that one celebration be done where he lives. Sonam will get back to shooting, three days after the wedding, the sources confirmed. About the scrapping of the destination wedding, it was extremely cumbersome to accommodate 150 members of the extended family, which is why there have been change in plans. Also, it would be a hassle for the elderly members to fly to Switzerland, which was the decided venue. Presently, either Bandra or Juhu has been finalized. We wish Sonam and her husband a very happy married life!