Sridevi’s death could be an attempted murder:

All the world stood still when Sridevi’s death was announced. The actress passed away in Dubai while attending the wedding in a most mysterious way. She drowned in her own bathtub, and there was no one to help her. This entire incident was a bit too suspicious, and although Dubai cops released the post-mortem report and let go of the family, yet, a lot of people have had doubts about the strange turn of events. Of course one doesn’t know who to point fingers at, and who to blame, but the circumstances were definitely fishy.

What could have happened according to the cop?

Just when the dust of this news was settling down and people were healing from the pain and loss of Sridevi, a retired cop suspected that it was probably murder and not natural death. A retired police officer called Ved Bhushan claimed that he wasn’t allowed to take a look at Sridevi’s hotel room, but enacted her death in the adjacent room, and the accidental drowning didn’t make any sense to him whatsoever in those circumstances, whatsoever.

Ved also reported that it is very easy to put someone in the bathtub until that person drowns and dies, and it leaves back no evidence at all. The Supreme Court also has rejected a plea that has been made by the filmmaker Sunil Singh, requesting a quick investigation into the mysterious case of Sridevi’s death.

Lack of evidence:

There’s nothing to prove who is right or who is wrong. Nothing can be said until the investigation is reopened. Meanwhile, Sridevi was given the National Award and was honoured posthumously at the Cannes Film Festival 2018. We all do miss the lady with the motherly touch. Her comeback English Vinglish will be remembered for as long as Indians struggle with English. We hope that justice is meted out to her.