SRK needs more than claws to play Wolverine

The King of Romance, Shah Rukh Khan, could be up for a complete image makeover. After watching him romance heroines of all ages and generations in snow-clad mountains, can you imagine King Khan in the menacing avatar of Wolverine? Did you do a just do a double take? Well, it’s not us but the original Wolverine, Hugh Jackson, who has come up with this incredible suggestion. After playing the iconic mutant for 17 years, Jackson seems ready to pass the baton to another actor. And who else but our very own SRK was his first choice to continue the legacy of the clawed mutant.

Now, SRK has been very flattered with Jackman’s nomination and can’t wait to bring out his retractable claws to play Wolverine. Replying to a columnist’s post on Twitter about Jackman’s nomination, Mr. Khan tweeted in his signature witty style, “Hair on the chest lady…need hair on the chest!! Working on it, though. Love Hugh & Wolverine.”

If his past experience of playing superheroes is anything to go by, King Khan may need more than just chest hair to pull off the role of Wolverine. What could come in the way of correctly portraying the character, you ask? Well, his 2011 science fiction outing, Ra.One, was his lifelong dream to play a superhero come true. Shah Rukh Khan had spared no effort to get into shape to play the physically challenging role of a superhero and had done most of the difficult stunt sequences himself. Despite his best intentions, the film tanked at the box office and didn’t impress his fans much. We’re not sure if it was because of his portrayal of a Tamil scientist or the romantic, singing and dancing superhero. SRK is, however, willing to take another risk by playing a vertically challenged man in his upcoming film Zero. Whether he ends up playing Wolverine or impresses in Zero, the Baadshah of Bollywood never ceases to surprise his fans.