Student of the year 2:

We have all survived the horror of Student of the year 1, with Siddhart Malhotra, Varun Dhawan, and Alia Bhatt. To the honest, the plot was pathetic, with a super rich school, which doesn’t represent any school system in India, an unrealistic background of examination and competition, and the same old boring love triangle, with two people in love, and the third person getting ditched in the process and becoming a singer (“face palm” ). Directed by Karan Johar, there isn’t much one can expect either, can they? The songs were something to enjoy though, the rest was all teenage stuff.

After surviving one shock, there’s another coming up, and this time it is Tiger Shroff ( oh no! worse!). Tiger is known for his dance moves, yes, but acting is still something he needs to pick up on. Maybe Baaghi 2 was one place where he did comparatively well, but acting in a commercial movie that too Student of the year, might be close to a horror. Tara Sutaria is the debut actress who will be the heroine opposite him.

The plot is still not revealed, but if its again another round of love triangle, and friends fighting, unrealistic competitions, rich kids and poor kids being compared, and an insensitive approach towards the gay people, then, its time that nobody buys the ticket to this movie.

This time, there’s probably two girls, so Ananyay Panday, daughter of Chunkey Panday will be casted too. Alia Bhatt might have started her career with this less of a movie and more of a charade, but she has definitely carved her way to good movies. The question is, will these actresses ever be able to change their path? Usually when a person is stuck to commercial entertainment movies, the genre remains stuck there. Will the same thing happen to the new actresses who have been casted? Only time can tell!