Student of the year actresses chill out:

We all know what student of the year 2 was, a lot of flamboyance, a lot of show off, rich drama, a plethora of good clothes and songs. It rarely had any good themes, or good lessons as take away. It was plain bashing the gay, running around in imaginative races, and a boring love triangle. Nevertheless, we can thank Karan for giving us Alia Bhatt who has drastically changed her choice of movies and is doing exceptionally well in the industry. We are also happy that Varun has been casted in October. We are looking forward to Siddharth’s metamorphosis phase too, and we hope that happens soon.

Tara Sutaria and Anaanya Panday are bffs:

For those who didn’t follow the sequel news, Tara Sutaria and Ananya Panday have been casted for the new movie, and Tiger Shroff will be the man between these two girls. There have been posters all around which show the shooting glimpses.

Yesterday, Punit Malhotra shared a photograph of the shoot, Ananya and Tara were chilling at the hotel, and one isn’t sure if it’s a part of the movie, or if it is a simply chilling scene.

Friendship goals:

The two seem to be having a good time together, with hugs and cuddles, and they spend a lot of time together posing and clicking photos. It seems the two of them have developed good friendship, and it is a good sight to see people bonding over movies. Competition at one level is okay, but golden friendships are that which needs to be sought after. We hope that even if the movie isn’t good enough, we get to find raw talent, that will be tapped later on in other movies. We also hope that the two of them remain best of friends just like how they are now!