The Bollystar Sunny Leonne has always been on focus because of her daredevil moves. The actress didn’t have a very clear background, but she was accepted in India very quickly and she has starred in quite a number of films. She has a bold spirit, a witty tongue and she definitely knows how to make a move. It is everyone’s knowledge that Leonne has taken the industry by her item numbers and there couldn’t be anyone who is unaware of her talent. Sunny Leonne had made news recently when she decided to adopt children, her first one being Nisha Kaur Webber, from a settlement in Maharashtra. This was of course taken up by a lot of controversy, until finally the people of India accepted her.

Of course she was looking for a bigger family, and the diva announced on Instagram that she will be adopting two more kids, new additions to the family. Sunny Leonne shared the picture of her two newborn boys and daughter and husband. They have been named as Asher and Noah Kaur Webber respectively. She has captioned the picture beautifully and has mentioned that it is God’s plan that this has happened. She didn’t expect to have 3 children in such a short period of time.

She is enthralled to witness the magic of motherhood, and said that the biys wee alive in her heart so long, but it is only now that they are born. Such lovely words for her children indeed! The status of women in India is that they are never accepted by the society. Sunny is one lucky woman to get accepted whole heartedly in the society! Of course there are trolls and a lot of people make it a point to make her life miserable, but the girl has never let herself down. She always has witty comebacks and repartees that shut other people down.