Sushant Singh and Kirti Sanon:

Well this one is another relationship that has been blossoming in secret. There is a lot happening on and off screen between these two and it is evident from the patterns- Sushant has been spotted more frequently around Kirti Sanon these days. Sushant has come a long way- from his serial backgrounds, to break up with his girl friend, to shooting his movie Kai Poche, and then finally being casted in MS Dhoni. From the Marathi simpleton’s role that he played, he came up right to portray the character of the captain of the cricket team. Of course his journey has been commendable.

With each passing day, these two have been seen together all the more, and the rumours have been confirmed almost. Both of them have of course time and again denied this entire allegation. But it is obvious that there is something that is brewing between the two of them. The two have again been recently spotted at Kirti’s sister’s birthday party. It is but obvious that only close friends get invited for sisters birthday party, and this is a really close situation ( read relationship) ! The three of them had geared up together for a party in Bandra, Mumbai, for their party evening.

Of course Sushant came up with a witty line- wherein he stated that all the stories about him and Kirti are interesting, but none of them are true. And we totally understand if the couple wants to keep their relationship under covers.

It is a difficult task, but so far they have been doing a commendable task. It is but obvious to see their online chemistry and impeccable offline chemistry, anybody would understand how close the couple is- whether they confess it or not. But of course, we will have to wait for proper confirmations.