Tabu waits for Hollywood offers:

Tabu has been this phenomenal woman always delivering phenomenal roles wherever she acts. Movies like Namesake, Life of Pi, Haider, Fitoor are all testimonies of what miracles she created, with simple roles. She has time and again been awarded for her versatile performances, and all of this is because she has a way with her acting. Remember Drishyam? That was probably the best thriller made in the history of thrillers in Indian cinema. She has also confessed that the two great directors of all times, Mira Nair, and Ang Lee have offered her with work, and all of this happened only because she was the at right time, in the right place.

Tabu has always owned up that her success is only because she has learnt from experiences, and that has helped her to grow, along with the characters that she has portrayed. Namesake saw Tabu as the innocent, emotional and care giving mother, who is stuck in a foreign land. The movie was a theatrical treat, because of the way Irrfan Khan and Tabu blended in the role of husband wife.

Life of Pi saw a very short glimpse of Tabu again, with similar kind of characteristics. Haider saw a woman who is controlled by other men, she is driven to do a lot of things against her will, until she commits suicide, and kills all the evil with her. Fitoor saw a self obsessed woman, drunk in power, insecurities, and loneliness, and though the overall film wasn’t good, Tabu alone did justice to her roles.

Tabu has confessed that she is waiting for Hollywood projects now. She would love to work with someone, who would give her a fitting role. She says that she is patient and she will wait it out. Good luck Tabu! We hope that you give us more wonderful films.