Talvar 2- sequel to crime and murder thrillers:

With the days moving ahead to years, India is going ahead in crimes. The Aarushi Talvar case that happened, the murder of an innocent girl, the case that remains unsolved till date, had been converted into a cinematic drama, with a fictionalized end. This movie had won both the critic acclaim and commercial acclaim, making it one of the most successful hits of 2015.

The first part was directed by Meghna Gulzar, the woman who creates magic on screen. For all those who are unaware, the case involved a mysterious end to who killed Aarushi Talvar.

What happens in the sequel 2:

Vishal Bhardwaj will be directing the sequel for Talvar 2, and the movie will revolve around the Ryan murder case. The killing of an innocent child after raping him is something that has become common in India. Worse, people have victim blamed in most of the cases. This is of course, a downfall of Indian culture, values, and tradition. The movie will aim at educating the citizens about violation of children, disrespecting their privacy, and rape. Of course, it is a welcome move on the behalf of Bollywood.

National debate and concern:

When the nation heard that the throat of a student was slit apart, it raised concern and debates nationwide. It is the same motive- to raise a healthy conversation about the ongoing condition in India. The motive of every movie is to hold up a mirror where society can see itself, and movies like this will successfully help people to understand the graveness of the situation. It is about time that we release movies that will be closer to life- movies that will talk about humans we know. This initiative will be much like the movie Pink, and we will revisit the norms of humanity once again.