Tapsee Pannu questions pay disparity:

There’s an underlying sexism playing in Bollywood. We hardly see women centric films these days, unlike the olden days when movies like Fire and Water were released. What happens is the female actresses get less paid, and the male actors bag the maximum amount of money. The male actors have always been higher paid- as Priyanka Chopra has repeatedly pointed out. Recently, Tapsee Pannu, the actress behind Pink, who was very vocal about feminine issues, has now come out in the open and discussed about how common Pay disparities are everywhere- be that in Bollywood or elsewhere.

Priyanka Chopra

Of course, we have heard about glass ceilings, where the women are not allowed to be risen above a particular level. The same runs in Bollywood where-in the male actors are paid in crores and the female ones are hardly looked upon.

Katrina Kaif was probably highest paid in Fitoor, and things took a turn from there. Rest, the situation is terrible. Talking about her own preferences, Tapsee Pannu said that she would want to be a part of the same pay scale as the male actors are- clearly hinting at the fact that there lies a he disparity.

Tapsee is however glad that a lot of people are talking about this issue more often. She also believes that since the audience is star driven, it will be unfair to demand equal pay is she isn’t capable of bringing equal audience to the theatre as her male counterparts. Very justified statement by the actress indeed! Tapsee revealed that ever since she has been acting in women centric movies only, she has only been sent at least 3 4 scripts every month, but the actress humbly refuses all this work, since so many projects cannot of course be undertaken