Pad Man – the eye opener!

Menstrual hygiene is still in a terrible condition in India- and to be honest, we require mass awareness to overcome the taboos that we associate with bleeding women. Often people believe blood to be dirty and unhygienic and people often faint at the idea of an open sanitary napkin. This of course comes greatly from illiteracy and superstitions involved with menstruating women. The idea that bleeding isn’t a crime can be spread widely through television. Media is the only way to tell people that they have been wronging their women. Thus the movie “Pad man” comes to the rescue here. The name I believe has been deliberately kept this way so as to strike a connection between sanitary pads and the other gender: men. Men are mostly seen to abhor pads as if they are objects of witchcraft.

The movie will feature Akshay Kumar, the star well known for unconventional yet mainstream movies, and Radhika Apte, the woman who defies societal norms in every way possible. The brilliance of their chemistry will be showcased on the novel written by Twinkle Khanna, on the life of a Tamilian activist who went through the hurdles of making a comfortable sanitary napkin for women.

This much needed movie will revolve around the process of engineering a sanitary napkin, the acceptance that the idea had originated from a man, thus boldly shattering all taboos and giving the women yet another chance of equality. A feminist movie on low tones, the pad movement has already been taken up by several Bollywood stars already.

Since India learns from its stars, who knows if the entire country rises up against this age old tradition, and accept menstruating hygiene as a part of regular life.

Although other stars have taken this up with a positive spirit, the movie didn’t seem to strike well with Mallika Dua, since she complained that the move is useless. Posing with a pad won’t solve problems, said the comedian. This was of course a reaction that backfired from the previous dig that Akshay made at Mallika and that turned into a major controversy. But then of course, everyone is entitled to opinions, aren’t they?