Shoojit Sircar : The OctoberMan

Shoojit Sircar is a magician who captures moments in his movies. With his excellent direction and kaleidoscopic view of events, the eminent director has made a mark in the industry already. His notable movies like Madras Café, portrayed Abraham and Shruti in a light that wasn’t seen before. The little hint of love, the vengeance for love, and the bigger racquet of drugs and organ selling circles in Goa was picturesque and worth a watch. Pink, was another block buster. The concept of consent in women came on the large screen which moved many, and the movie is still remembered in the hearts of many.
The other brilliant movies were Vicky Donor, where Ayushman Khuranna blossomed in his role of a sperm donor, and the taboo against people who do this job regularly was very cleverly lifted off. Piku, was definitely a hit, because of the un-offensive and light comedy thrown at the Bengalis, who perpetually eat a lot and suffer from Constipation.

The movies he created, the hearts that he stole, is because of the way Shoojit perceives situations around him. He is also the Enchanter, who is known to bring about transformations in the acting skills of the stars that he casts.

“October”, to be released in April 2018, is a take on his own love life, the kind of love that he has experienced, and this would be a difficult movie to digest, much like Piku and madras Café. The choice for the hero is Varun Dhawan, who is usually seen to make commercial movies. The director wishes to cast this actor in a different light, because he believes that that part of the actor’s potential is yet to be tapped. Unlike other movies, Shoojit has attempted to show what people do not see in their regular lives about love. As far as rumors go, this movie will be one of a kind, and worth watching!