Bollywood involves Tihar Jail inmates

There have been times that the Bollywood Film industry has done something for the greater good of the people. From making intelligent movies, to funding movies for the social cause of the people, there have been occasions when Bollywood has truly been kind and generous. This is another occasion. This time, Bollywood has decided to make things better- they have involved inmates of the Tihar jail in their productions.

The Tihar jail is not a new place for Bollywood. There have been countless shooting and scenes there. But this is the first time in the history of Bollywood that something of this magnitude will be taking place. The Filmy connection to Tihar will be strengthened with this move. This time the inmates will design clothes for a movie that will be released.

The name of the movie is Marksheet, and designer Winky Singh will guide the inmates to design the clothes. Of course all of this will happen under supervision, and observation, but the initiative in itself is great. The movie will be directed by Harish Vyas, and it will star the Delhi based actor Imran Zahid, and the project had started way back in 2012, but it was shelved due to some reasons

This decision came in after the actor attended a fashion show where the Tihar inmates had designed clothes. The actor was so impressed that he proposed this move. He was so moved with the women designers that he couldn’t let the idea go. He instantly decided to do something for them, and then he realized that there could be nothing better than offering them a movie.

There was a discussion between the DG and the producers, and it was a clinched deal. Winky Singh too was at the fashion show and he was impressed. The costumes were all flowy with extremely stylish cuts which made it difficult for them to understand if its amateur or expert work- nevertheless, this is one welcome move from Bollywood- kudos!