Tourists mistook Varun to be a hotel employee:

Acting is all about getting under the skin of the characters. Whatever be the demand of the character that needs to be fulfilled by the actor himself or herself. Often a lot of actors master this art very well, which is why the films come out to be super hits. Varun Dhawan is known to play light and casual movies, and it is only recently that he has been casted in a serious plot by Shoojit Sarkar, where he plays the role of a hotel employee. The trailer has been promising enough, and it talks about a different kind of love.

Varun was required to train at the sets of a 5 star hotel, and the training was comprised of washing, cooking, cleaning, serving, and everything that involves being a hotel management student. So rigorous was his training that he began to be misunderstood as a hotel staff. Few tourists mistook him to be a hotel staff and Varun did not back out- he served them as a part of his character.

Shoojit is all praises about Varun. He said that when he first met Varun, he knew he had met Dan, the protagonist of his movie. When Varun asked for an appointment with Shoojit, Shoojit asked him to meet him immediately, because he was about to go back to Kolkata.

Varun had worn shabby clothes to the meeting too- since he was just out of bed. And voila! Shoojit found in Varun the character he was painting so far under the name of Dan. Shoojit reported that he found extreme innocence in the way Varun spoke, and it immediately led him to choose Varun as his lead character.

For Varun of course this would be the first serious experience of his life, he would of course learn a lot more, than he usually learns from the mindless other movies he makes! Lets hope he makes the best out of his opportunities!