Twinkle Khanna Responds Sharply to an Intimidating Troll

Known for her wits and poise, Twinkle Khanna has a lot of admirers and followers on her social media accounts. However, going by the universal fact, the actress also has a string of haters who dig for an opportunity to troll and demean her, time and again. Twitter is proof with enough of incidents when Mrs. Funny Bones (@mrsfunnybones) – as she goes by on Twitter – has been trolled, but the Mela fame knows how to handle them like a boss.

Mrs. Funny Bones indeed!

This beauty with brains knows what she is talking about and doesn’t mince her words when it comes to voicing her opinions. It was in May last year when a troll criticised her husband for meeting PM Modi and threw sarcasm on her write-ups. The tweet was something like this, “Kind of cute how Twinkle Khanna writes ‘progressive’ fluff pieces in ToI while Akshayji dances with Pogrom Modi. Indian elites in nutshell (sic).”

As expected, Twinkle shut him down with her perfectly chosen words that read, “Better than a regressive tweet like this that calls ‘progressive’ pieces fluff and believes that marriage means sharing the same ideologies.” In the face!

The recent fiasco

Recently, Twinkle and Akshay proposed to auction the naval uniform the latter wore in Rustom. The bid is on and the proceeds would be used for animal welfare and rescue. While many lauded their efforts and intention, there were a few who trolled the couple for playing with the emotions of the patriots.

Amongst all this, a Lt Col by the name of Sandeep Ahlawat turned furious while replying to Mrs. Khiladi Kumar and even threatened her openly if the auction materialises.

Our lady was not to take nonsense with arms crossed and responded in her own stance, “As a society do we really think it’s all right to threaten a woman with bodily harm for trying to raise funds for a charity by auctioning a uniform used in a movie, a piece of film memorabilia. I will not retaliate with violent threats but by taking legal action.”

Now, who feels intimidated by who is yet to be seen.