Urvashi in Aadhar Fraud:

Everything these days have to be linked to the adhar, and there is already a nationwide joke about this. The adhar has become the centre of everything- from phones to regular ration, this system has become the social security number like other countries abroad. Of course there is no special protection associated with this number, which is causing a lot of problems. This time it is the actress Urvashi who got stuck in this façade.

The popular item dancer (sorry, she’s hardly got acting skills to be called an actress), was caught in a storm of adhar fraud. She was there at the reception, meeting some guest, when the hotel authorities called her in with a checking in issue. Urvashi was startled, because she had only come along to meet a guest, and nothing more. She wasn’t definitely going to check-in, and she hadn’t done any paper work.

However the hotel authorities told her that someone checked-in, forging her name, using the online portal. Urvashi was a little short of startled and shocked.

Apparently the girl was a model, by the name of Parul Choudhury, and she had made an exact replica of Urvashi’s adhar card. All were exact, other than the adhar number. This girl had tried to swipe her credit card too, but then since it didn’t work, she left. She made a lot of excuses like she had a family emergency. When she was stopped at the exits, she managed to escape from the basement.

Urvashi was at the right place and definitely at the right time. Such a fraud could have gotten her into trouble. She said that the girl was last spotted in a burquah, and the police were trying to figure out her whereabouts with the IP address of booking. All set and done, the Adhar system isn’t working well, is it?