Bollywood Sequel- Chandni Bar

The oldies have a charm to them, and that in itself is something of a gift. A lot of olden movies have been our favourites and we just keep watching them on loop. The movies have simple themes, vivid stories and a lot of old songs in them. One of the best Madhur Bhandarkar production houses was Chandni Bar which had received critical acclaim and it was a National award movie, where Tabbu was the lead actress. After an interim of seventeen long years, the wait is finally over, this movie will have its remake too. Who is in the movie? So far, none of the characters or actors have been finalized. The announcement has just been made that the movie will be directed by Madhur Bhandarkar again, which have made the fans excited. A Madhur Bhandarkar production has a lot to look up to. The statement of the movie release has been given by Sailesh R. Singh, who had produced the 2011 crime drama.

He himself confessed that he is quite excited about the movie because there is a lot to look forward to. He professed that the movie would be a bonus, because its going to come from the same director.

We hope that Tabbu will be there again, because she hasn’t aged a day. The old effects will be in motion, and the movie will be more widely acceptable if all the parameters are kept same, other than the era of shooting. Reminiscing a 17 year old movie would not only be entertainment but an adventure for movie lovers nevertheless. Singh also revealed that the permissions and copyrights are also done with. Madhur also has conducted a detailed research on the dance bars being shut down in 2005, and he has solid stories to come back with. We hope that the movie releases soon because we can wait no longer!