Remembering Sonia?

Remember Priyanka Chopra in the movie Aitraaz? The film was a welcome respite from Bollywood’s refusal to understand the term consent. On the contrary, this movie was spurned on the delicate lines of consent, so much so that the movie was titled as Aitraaz, or objection. The female role played by Sonia (Priyanka Chopra) was the one to harass Akshay Kumar, here playing the role of Raj. Priyanka Chopra’s part was that she seduced Akshay Kumar, despite knowing that he is married now to Kareena Kapoor, but she does it on the basis of their previous relationship. Sonia and Raj were together at a point of time, and Sonia returns as Raj’s boss’ wife, and sexually harasses Raj, and also terminates him from the office.

The movie turns to Kareena, who is a lawyer here, and she defends her husband’s case and saves him from doom. The movie is well crafted, and Pee Cee is the perfect vamp who kills with her eyes, and Kareena with her honesty, tries to win the show. Akshay Kumar is of course in a delirious state.

Pee Cee is now all set to star in the sequel of Aitraaz- which will be directed by Shubhash Ghai. With Pee Cee’s charm and elegance that has grown multifold over the years, she might be even capable to outdo her previous performance.

Now Priyanka Chopra in Aitraaz 2

This kind of movie is important for the youth today, because consent is such an important concept. Considering that youth follows cinema vividly, and Pee Cee promotes welfare of youth on every platform, this movie might be a take home lesson, in the format of a romantic thriller again. A lot can be expected from Priyanka, since she has already made it to the best, Hollywood. The shooting will begin as soon as Pee Cee is back from shooting Quantico, the reports say.