Karan Johar is known to be sensitive and touchy. He is known to be flickered at the slightest disturbances. A man known for his emotional side, he has been cooking up emotional stories for his audience. Movies like Kal ho Na ho, Kabhi khushi kabhi gham are theatrical dramas with sacrificing people serving each other. He is unknown to be quiet on issues that bother him. He has been outspoken, sentimental and has dollops of humour and bile that exude in unlimited quantities.

Johar, in a recent revelation, narrated why he doesn’t like the festival of colours anymore. Absolutely traumatized with his childhood experience, he spends his time indoors. He had been outside once when he was a child, and the children in his neighborhood were focefully applying silver color on him. Desperately trying to escape, the little Johar fell down and scraped himself. And that wasn’t all.

When invited to Amitabh Bacchan’s home, the little Johar was explaining to the Big B as to why he keeps out of the festival. And that is when Abhishek Bacchan picks him up and plunges him into a pool full of coloured water. And that was the end of Johar’s love for festivals. He’s never touched holi colours anymore.

Johar has been frequently spotted opening about the horrors he was subject to as a child. Whether of course people believe him or not, is a matter of controversy. Johar has been recently reputed and accused of touching Anushka Sharma inappropriately, to the extent that she was about to file a sexual harassment case against him. This of course happened in the show Koffee with Karan, and the banter was managed by Kaif. We can sincerely hope that all that happens in the Tinseltown stays in Tinseltown, because stories like these shouldn’t even reach the people’s front.