Zareen Khan lashes out at a guy for threatening her:

As if the world is already not a bad place, a lot of people are now on Instagram and Facebook, who have started threatening people. Zareen Khan, who is a mother, and also an actor recently got threatened on social media too. It is unfortunate how people have evolved into beasts, and have been misusing the power that they have acquired with the invention of social media. A lot of mean verbal exchange has recently taken up the social media space, and if not stalking was enough; people have begun to badmouth each other.

In a recent episode of MTV troll police, Rannvijay Singh, and Zareen Khan will be seen to charge a guy who has been bullying the actress on Instagram. The actress becomes so furious that she wants to slap him. He has repeatedly called her a whore, and has sent her rape threats, which of course made the actress very agitated. She is actually thankful that her mother is not on Instagram, else she would have completely freaked out to have seen the lewd remarks. Zareen Khan says that the trolls are insensitive, they do not know what they say is directly hampering their personal lives, if fact, friends and relatives get extremely agitated when they come across these comments.

In this reality show she wants to know if her trolls have the courage to speak up to her on her face. In this episode she successfully achieves her aim. She confronts her blackmailer and then forgives him too- asks him to lead a better life and concentrate on other things, than to make her life miserable. This is in fact true. Sometimes people go overboard and cross the blurry lines. One should always remember to maintain cyber decorum. One should always learn to be within their limits. More power to Zareen Khan.