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Dil Maange More is a story of Nikhil, who is a simple young man. He loves his hometown Samarpur, football matches, and the college his grandfather passed down to him as a legacy. Therefore when his girlfriend Neha tells him that if he wants to marry her, he should leave Samarpur, Nikhil is dumbfounded. Neha secures admission in one of the prestigious air hostess training institutes in Mumbai. Nikhil travels all the way from Samarpur to Mumbai to bring Neha back, but Neha refuses to go back as she wants to build her career. Nikhil stays in Mumbai, hoping that one day Neha will understand his love for her and return with him. During his stay, two more girls come in his life – Sara, who works in the same music store with him; and Shagun, Nikhil’s hot-tempered neighbour. Will Nikhil be able to find his true love among these three girls?

Courtesy : Rajshri