Akshay says that commercial movies can change the way people think:

This is a fact that is as true as the universal truths. Commercial movies have the power to change the way people think. In the initial years when Bollywood made a stereotype of villainous girls wearing jeans and short clothes, all people took to believing that vamp women wear western clothes. The saree clad women have been proclaimed as pious Indian women, and this has caused so many people to be biased towards Indian attire, because they thought women wearing sarees are good. Akshay Kumar also holds the same opinion, since a lot of people watch commercial movies on a regular basis.

What the actor has to stay:

The actor believes that the audience wants to see the hero and the heroine are in love, they are fighting their parents, and fighting villains and still struggling but sticking together. Audience watch these movies, because they can relate to these movies more. The actor has acted in movies like Toilet and Padman himself, trying to raise awareness on these issues, and trying to promote hygiene as a cause.

Akshay has claimed that these movies have the capacity to change the mindset of people. He is absolutely right this way, if Bollywood so far has caused a negative impact on people, then maybe it is time it starts repairing things, and it starts to imbibe positive messages.

Usually commercial movies reach villages and areas where the literacy is low. These movies are simply made, and can be made with a moral in the end. These movies can actually act as Aesop’s fables, where in the viewer can derive an important lesson. For example, if there is a village household without a toilet, then after watching the movie Toilet, the people can actually make a wise decision. We tend to follow what we see, and what better educational platform than movies?