Its Jaya Bacchan’s birthday and Amitabh has set goals:

Love blossoms in the unnoticed corners and corridors and never out in the open. The recent Bollywood stars might have taken to Instagram and Facebook to proclaim their love, they might post a lot of lovey- dovey pictures together, but that doesn’t have to mean the old couples haven’t got it right. There is something so beautiful and ethereal in the private love, that it definitely stands out, even without being broadcasted. Amitabh Bacchan and Jaya Bacchan have survived all these years together, and theirs is one love story to cherish. Yesterday on the lady’s birthday, look at the goals that BIG B has set.

The actress Yesterday is at her 70th birthday, and the actor, Amitabh Bacchan took to his blog, to wish his wife. A sweet gesture, this is hardly seen. People usually leave a birthday message on the facebook walls, but a nice post, on Jaya’s birthday, is indeed smashing hearts.

Amitabh shared a beautiful picture of Jaya with the kids, and took to writing that, “ At the stroke of the midnight hour, the greetings and wishes and calls and the feeding of sweetmeats; the gifting og love and togetherness and the welcoming of the lady on her 70th”. This in itself is so heartwarming, and tells us about the warm bond that the couple shares.

The actor himself mentions that quiet, still and intimate are the best ways to express love, and the passage of time might have crossed, yet they have made it through thick and thin. Indeed a heartfelt post, Amitabh is a true romantic. They might have had a tumultuous relationship in the initial days, but the end says it all. Such pure love, even after spending days together, they are still wrapped in fondness! Long live their love!