Raj kummar Rao:- the after effects of Omerta

Playing the hero and portraying a role can be tough, but playing the villain is often tougher. To be pretending to be something that one is not, is a task of extreme difficulty. Raj Kummar Rao has shown efficiency right from the first movie- from Citylights, to Newton, he has played the role of a man who sacrifices everything for his duty and loved ones. The same Raj Kummar Rao is now cast in Omerta, the movie which revolves around the British born Pakistani, who is the reason behind innumerous terrorist attacks.

Omar Saeed Sheikh has definitely managed to terrorize the world with his moves. Raj Kummar Rao confessed that it took him a long while to settle into the character of this anti-hero. Hating so many people without any reason took a toll on Raj Kummar Rao. He felt uncomfortable to shoot the sequences. The second poster of the movie was released today, and from the trailer itself one can predict how well the actor has managed to get into the skin of the terrorist.

Raj Kummar Rao occasionally reunites with his director Mehta, who has produced earlier films like Shaheed, Aligarh and Citylights. This movie by Mehta, is going to be a different ballgame altogether.

Omerta has done very well at the film festival of Hong Kong, this movie releases on April 20th. To pretend to be an antinationalist, it must take a lot of efforts- which is what Raj Kummar has described as exhausting. Omar especially has been notorious to the level that several thousands of Indians were killed. To act his part and say his dialogues must have been so exhaustive for Raj Kummar.

Nevertheless the actor is excellent at what he does. He has never let down any role- and in all probabilities, this movie will also be a hit. Book your tickets soon and prepare to be mesmerized.